Hope after the storm, this double rainbow represents the ongoing efforts to regain our paradise.
There are a lot of damaged buildings at Club Orient. Is it safe for me to look around there?

The Club Orient site is private property and trespassing is illegal.

Where can I find reliable information about Club Orient?

Official information about Club Orient will be posted here, on our official website, and on our Facebook page (@ClubOrient).

Communication of accurate information, even to owners, has been delayed primarily because of continued uncertainty about obtaining a rebuilding permit. More details on this topic are available in the FAQs about rebuilding.

While we have had to change course several times, once we have firm rebuilding plans communications will improve.

I’d like to learn more about the rebuilding efforts for Club Orient

Click here for more information about the rebuilding efforts at Club Orient.

What about the beach at Club Orient?

Lots of people have questions about the beach. Click here for some answers.

Will I be able to stay at Club Orient?

Club Orient has been a home away for home for naturists for decades. Some people love it so much that they choose to buy a unit.

Click here to learn more about the future for staying and owning at Club Orient.